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JMS Messaging Queue Configuration

Question asked by Avinash_304 on Sep 15, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2014 by Kevin.Bowman

Hi I am trying to configure the JMS queue in Lisa.


I have developed simple JMS queue in Web logic server with proxy request and response and Live request and response


I have created a proxy weblogic JMS(JNDI) step in the following manner

1. JMS Proxy Request Publish - this consists of text message as 'Hello'

2. JMS Live Request Subscribe - This is created to send the live request message as 'hello; to my JMS queue

3. JMS Live Response Publish - This returns message as ' Welcome to JMS'

4. JMS Proxy Response Subscribe - This is output which proxy response gives


My Project config consists of following properties


JNDI URI : t3://<Server name where weblogic is installed>:port

JNDI Connection factory name  : Connection Factory

Weblogic factory class : weblogic class


Created a VSI image on proxy server to captured the published message and subscribe message.

While creating VSI image when I run the ITR above test is running successful. But the same is not running when i deploy the virtual image in VSE


Message gets published by proxy request step, when turns comes to subscribe message by live request step its throws an error saying : No response was returned.  Either the timeout occurred or there were problems.  Check your server logs.


I have checked the server logs there is nothing available.