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Multi Valued Lookup not listing entries in alphabetical order

Question asked by ben.jones on Sep 17, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2014 by ben.jones

I have a multi valued lookup field that uses a static lookup with almost 80 values in it.  At a certain point, this field is updated by a process which adds all of the lookup options into the field via a system action.


When I navigate to the field within a project, the entries in the field are not ordered alphabetically, nor are they listed in any order relating to the lookup itself (which is set to be ordered alphabetically anyway). I need it to be listed alphabetically.


Does anyone know how to resolve this or why it’s doing it?


I’d also like to make the field bigger so that you can see more of the entries – this is on a project properties page and not in the list view, although that is also annoying because the view expands the width of the field a crazy amount to accommodate all of the entries, even after setting the field width in the list.