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Hi Lynn,


Good day!

I would like to seek your assitance, as im running a batch script to run a CLWorkstation but as i click the file the batch only produces a csv file with just a header and no data.

can you please help me on this?

Below is my script to generate a historical data:


set fromDate="9/8/14"
set toDate="9/14/14"
set agents=(.*SJWSVCLA002.*)
set metrics=(PerfMon\"\|Process\|w3wp\(ClarityAppPool\):Working Set Peak)
set freq=3600 secs
set outputfile=C:\Users\AC93467\Desktop\TestLocation\file.csv

set exec=java -Xmx128M -Duser=admin -Dpassword=admin -Dhost= -Dport=5001 -jar CLWorkstation.jar

cd C:\Program Files\CA APM\Introscope9.5\lib
%exec% get historical data from agents matching %agents% and metrics matching %metrics% between %fromDate% and %toDate% with frequency of %freq% > %outputfile%


am i writing a rite metric code?



Thanks in advance in your response.