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Clarity patch instruction error

Question asked by urmas on Sep 17, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2014 by Kathryn_Ellis

Referring to

On prem Clarity 13 patch - how to

The instruction in the readme file says as it has always done

2. On NSA server, extract package installer jar into a temporary directory:

  jar xvf package.jar /clarity/temp


  jar xvf package.jar D:\clarity\temp


However, the jar command does not understand the directory given in either of the above formats.

If you just issue plain jar command without any parameters you can see that there is no such option.


If you do not take my word for it look at the results of the dir command after issuing the jar command with the relative format for the target directory.


The reason why I have not spotted that before is that nobody seems to follow the instructions:

Instead they may copy the jar file to a temporary directory and unjar it there without any need to specify the target folder or issue the unjar command there and put the path to the location of the jar file in front of it if it is  located somewhere else.