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Discussion created by FloGoya on Sep 17, 2014
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Hi! I have created two new roles and new resources to try Resource Requisition. I know this new resources have availability because they are not assigned to any other project. So I want to follow the following path:


1. assign roles to the team project

2. create resource requisition to replace the roles after estimated the tasks.



I noticed the following:


1. When creating the resource requisition, no matter if the role is already assigned to a task with a planned duration, the requisition is created with start and finish dates from the project.

Is this correct behaviour?


2. From the requisition, when I go to Resource tab and try to add resources that matches the role and the dates, no resource is shown. If I delete the dates, the resources are shown.

I don't understand why they are being omitted when filtering by dates, since these are new resources and have all the availability.


I have made the same exercise with some other resources and roles, and I can see the resources when trying to add them to a resource requisition.


I have compared the settings for both resources and seem to be the same... I don't know what else am I missing.


I appreciate your thoughts.