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How to create Service Request in Servecice Catalog From CA ITPAM?

Question asked by ManirulHak.Munsi on Sep 18, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2016 by garma29

Hi mate,

I have try to create SR in Service Catalog from CA ITPAM using SOAP operator.I use saveRequest method of request webservice of CA Service Catalog and I provide the following dynamic parameter

sessionID,requestData,addedOfferings.I put requestData as "name:Report a SDM Request|priority :5|req_by_user_id:spadmin|req_for_user_id:spadmin" format and other parameters  requestValuesData,requestValuesDataType,removedOfferings,addedItems are left blank.

When I ran the process I got the following error

soapenv:Server.generalException Exception occurred in get Request Approval List.