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Resource Requisition Process at Clarity PPM 13.3V

Question asked by bchuba on Sep 18, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2014 by am1

Hi, I want to know if someone it's using resource requisition process at Clarity PPM 13.3v. I think we are facing some issues like the case below: A) Create a requisition type: Request a Resource to replace a role: 1) Create a new project, create new tasks, assign a role to these tasks and over-allocate this role in many tasks Obs: ETC = 200 2) On tab Team, use Allocate from estimate action and create a requisition with type: Request a resource 3)If a resource choice in Resource Finder is a resource with 100% of availability or 0% of availability, propose this resource. First question: At this time, a Book Overallocated Resources (confirmation page) should not appears? 4) Adjust request amount value and book amount value to be the same values. Ex: 200 hours / 200 hours 5) Book this resource Actual situation: Role stays with some strange number of remain allocation and ETC = 200. Resource stays with allocation correct, but no tasks assignments and ETC = 0 Expected situation: Role stays with NO allocation and ETC = 0. Resource stays with allocation correct and tasks assingments from the role requisition. Is there a functional step missing? Is it a bug? How do you use actually resource requisition process?