Let's play a game! Compete in the CA Community Decathlon!

Discussion created by MaryGreening on Sep 22, 2014

Are you new to CA Communities? That’s ok; we all were at some point. Or, has it been a while since you

last contributed to our ongoing conversations? We understand that everyone gets off track. Even if

you’re a power user, get ready to flex your muscles and show the others how it’s done!

Now, you can graduate through the ranks from novice to expert or lurker to top contributor – in just 10

easy steps – by participating in a competition we like to call “The Decathlon.” This is not your average

race though. It’s an opportunity for you to flex your mental muscle and prove you have what it takes to

be a CA Champion in the communities.

The Decathlon includes:


  • Start 5 discussions
  • 2 ideas posted
  • 1 status update
  • 1 collaborative document
  • 1 uploaded document
  • 2 poll votes
  • 5 answers marked as “Correct”
  • 5 items you posted “Liked”
  • 5 pieces of content Bookmarked
  • 5 pieces of content shared


Each of the Activities above is counted as one activity each, and is tracked through a report that CA will

run at the end of the six weeks. Once someone has been identified as completing the ten activities, they

will receive a badge to notify that individual of their completion. One entry permitted for each person,

so using more than one email address would not be permitted. Finish this multi-course competition and

you will be eligible to win an iPad mini or Jawbone wristband. The contest will run for six weeks and

those who complete the decathlon will be placed into a raffle which will be take place on October 30,


See the eligibility rules: Decathlon Rules


Ready to learn from common challenges? Set to connect with colleagues around the world? Go

share your knowledge to help the greater good. Through the power of community, we all win.

The race starts now!