JAVA Job - NJS 0001 error

Discussion created by nirbhay.kumar on Sep 23, 2014
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I am trying to create a java executable job.

I created the class file which implements these two interfaces :

  1) import com.niku.union.interfaces.JobSchedulerContext;

      2)     import com.niku.union.interfaces.SchedulerListener;

Then made a jar file and placed it in the insatallation/lib folder.


Upon creating the Job definition and providing the qualified exectuable name "" , it gives me the error NJS-0001: Unable to process request due to server configuration or other technical problems. Contact your site administrator.


I tried to execute the jar file through winscp terminal , then the error is "unable to load the main class from manifest".


Please tell me where am i missing out in the procedure of creating java job.


Note : I did not repackage or redeployed any *.ear file.