Siteminder Persistent Cookies/Sessions?

Discussion created by Rob-BBT on Sep 23, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2018 by ferph02

We are installing 13.3 with Siteminder on premise.


The issue we currently face is that when the user goes to Clarity they are repeatedly presented with the network login box.


We have enabled PersistentCookies on the Siteminder Agent Configuration Object and when doing a Fiddler trace, does appear that the SMSESSION cookie is being set for 7 days, yet users still keep getting the login box every time they open a new browser session to Clarity.


So what else do we need to do to prevent users from having to login every single time?


Do we need to enable the Session Store on each Clarity Realm in SM?  And would that cause performance issues?


Really need help on this as we are stuck.