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Re: HTTPS Responder step not running when there is a MQ publish step in model

Question asked by Kevin.Bowman Employee on Sep 24, 2014

You need to have the MQ respond step loop back to itself, and the 'Messaging VSE Workflow' filter needs to go to your HTTP Respond step.


The MQ response step is designed to run in a loop in case of multiple responses, so it loops back to itself.  It's filter is what breaks out of this loop and goes to the next step.  In your case, there's only one response so the filter hits immediately.  And because you have that filter skipping the HTTP respond step and going back to the HTTP Listen step, your HTTP respond step never gets run.



On 9/24/14 9:05 AM, Ng, Kevin K wrote:

Hi All,


I built a service that takes a http message and publishes the result onto a queue. The message publishes properly but I get a server timeout error because only one of the MQ publish step and https responder step will run at a time. I’m currently working around it by making my subprocess calling this service ignoring the timeout but is there a way to have the service return a http ok message so a timeout will not occur?


Model and image for service is attached





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