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Best licensing option?

Question asked by RFrohn Employee on Sep 29, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2014 by Ulrich_Vogt

Hi all,

looking for the best way to manage licensing from a customer perspective.



Big company, starting with SV.

Dozens of Value users and a handful of Power users for now.

Will buy company-wide SV license pool, wants to maximize utilization.

Most users will be on the company intranet.

Some (power) users will want to work at partner plants or offline (e.g. on train rides).


Internet connectivity for the LISA server is tricky, our proxy options didn't work.

Local license server is not an option, its ancient JBoss instance triggers security alerts.


Now ...

Try to make access to CA licensing work and make sure users are able to connect to the internet? What if connectivity is a problem?

Issue file-based licenses with the bulk going to the intranet site and a handful of one-seat license files for the travelers?


Better options?

Any suggestions are welcome.