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Input Dataset Size Limitation - how to handle this limitation?

Question asked by ijreis on Sep 30, 2014
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Hello !!!


I'm facing some "products limitation" that impacts on a Process Design that i'm implementing for a customer. (ITPAM r4.1)


The Data Input is done by Service Catalog, and there, i've a Form with some blocks of data that can be dynamic:



Main Block; if you click on a check box, a Block#1 appears, on Block#1, if you click on a check box appears Block#2, and so on ... until Block#3.

each Block#X has many fields to input;


Although, if i instance a process, with the Service Catalog Form full filled, on first Assign Task User Operator on PAM it blocks, and show as error a message like "XYZ  variable is not declared..."


I open a Case on CA Support, and after some researches, i got the answer:


This is by design.

The Dataset will only hold 1024kb of information.

Please see Content Designer guide>

File Management : Read from File Operator : Input Parameters

Dataset Variable Name    Specifies the name for the dataset variable.


This field length can be a maximum of 1024. Lines exceeding this limit are ignored and a new dataset variable field named "warnings" is created after execution (which contains the warning message).


This is intended - all information in a process has to be stored in the database, this limit is intended to prevent the pam database tables from becoming larger than could be easily and quickly used, and to help limit the already huge database requirements of the product.


Anyone ever have some error like this? how did you handle it?



Ivo Reis.