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Subpage condition and showing of the subpage

Question asked by msnizek on Oct 1, 2014
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I`m working on problem with subpages, let me describe the problem:

There is a custom object and it has two subpages: General_Before and General_After.

General_Before has condition "Process_done = 0" and General_After has condition "Process_done = 1" so they are not shown in the same time, that is correct.


But when I create a new instance of custom object I get "General_Before" page (still correct and expected) and there is a process with on create condition and this process makes some attribute settings and the changes Process_done from 0 to 1. So I fill some attributes on the Page "General_Before" click on "save" and I would expect they there will be then after reload a "General_After" page but there is nothing, only three buttons: save, save and return, return


Do you have any idea how to solve this?