Proactive Notification: Anomalies viewing the status of PAM 4.2.2 Process within all supported releases of CA Service Catalog.

Discussion created by Scott_Owens Employee on Oct 1, 2014

The purpose of this Advisory is to inform you of a potential problem that has been
recently identified with CA Process Automation. Please read the information provided
below and follow the instructions in order to avoid being impacted by this problem.

PRODUCT(S) AFFECTED: CA Process Automation      RELEASE: 4.2.2

Anomalies viewing the status of CA Process Automation 4.2.2 Process within all supported releases of CA Service Catalog.

After upgrade of existing CA PAM release to CA PAM 4.2.2, the status of the completed processes within the Tracking tab of CA Service Catalog show up incorrectly as UNKNOWN. The status of the running processes however is displayed correctly and as expected.

Users of all supported releases of CA Service Catalog with CA Process Automation 4.2.2.

It is recommended that you do NOT upgrade to CA Process Automation 4.2.2 at this time if you currently run CA Service Catalog together with CA PAM. For customers who have already upgraded to 4.2.2, a test fix can be provided to address this anomaly by contacting CA Support.

The upcoming CA PAM 4.2.2 Hot Fix#1 will solve the above anomaly and show CA Pam processes as being successfully completed in the tracking tab of CA Service Catalog. A follow up notification will be sent once this Hot Fix is available on the CA support online website.

If you have any questions about this Advisory or any other questions about this product,
please contact CA Support.