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Has anyone seen this where a screen flashes and a row disappears/hides on budget (or any object) list?

Question asked by vtleogal2 on Oct 2, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2014 by vtleogal2

We have a very odd situation,  I have listed what is happening and what I have done. Has anyone seen this?

13.3 patch 7, on premise,



One user logs in and loads one project. Go to the Financial plans and choose Budget plans from the dropdown. There are two budgets, but one plan immediately "disappears" sort of.. the screen flashes and only the one budget shows. I have attached screen shot showing two rows when you first enter, but then IE flashes immediately and you can see in the second screen shot that the other cost plan disappears.

This only happens on IE9 - for this user .I had another admin log in as that user on her IE9 laptop and it was fine. I logged in as this user on IE10 and it looks correct (nothing is hidden).



What I have done:

  • Cleared IE cache
  • flushed session cache on security.caches
  • Set her IE settings like mine (ironically, this fixed her SSO issue!)
  • reset user configuration to default both on budget list as well as project default layout
  • She has JAVA 7 (runs two JRE 1.6 and 17. as I do, for Oracle purposes)
  • have rebooted
  • Works fine on Chrome (but we don't support Chrome here)
  • does not matter how we sort the grid
  • had her open three other projects : one had 7 budgets and one had 1 and one had 2 like this one and they all looked fine

I have only had one other person have this early on in our 13.3 testing and it was on the task list, but her laptop had so many addins and possibly malware that we dismissed it

Has anyone seen this behavior or do you have any wild ideas as to what to try next? She is not sure when it started -- would a SQL trace even help?