Enterprise Manager r12.8 CF2 Patch

Discussion created by AaronArmagost Employee on Oct 6, 2014

Good Day!


We have posted on our Solutions and Patches page our server side CF2 fix for r12.8. This patch contains over 34 fixes for the server side alone which are listed and described in our Fix list. However, there are two perquisites that must be applied before our CF2 patch.


On the Solutions and Patches page the right most column indicates any perquisites must be applied. The CF2 Windows patch list as RO73985 has listed a perquisite of RO72825. This is our r12.8 Endpoint CF1 release. This patch also has a perquisite RO72822 which is an important fix for our encryption module CAPKI.


So in order to apply server side CF2 you must apply RO72822 and then RO72825 before you apply the patch.


On the Linux side it would be this order.


1. RO72827

2. RO72834

3. RO73977


Also, the instructions for the CAPKI patches RO72822 and RO72827 are in the download page and not in the testfix. The CF1 endpoint and CF2 server have their own instructions within the testfix.


Please feel free to ask any questions on how to apply these fixes.




Aaron Armagost
Principal Support Engineer