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APM New/Updated KBs for September 2014

Question asked by Hallett_German Employee on Oct 6, 2014

1. Number of Users per User Group in CEM (TEC617535)

2. Missing dashboard images in Internet Explorer 8 after upgrading from 9.1x to 9.5x. (TEC617955)

3.  How to gather diagnostic files for APM products using CA Remote Engineer? (TEC617156)

4. Bash Code Injection aka "Shellshock" and CEM TIM and TIMSoft(TEC618037)

5. What do the values of the Performance Status Metric indicate for my Cloud Monitor Agent?  (TEC617533)

6. Upgrading TIM Software Packages on MTP enabled TIM  (TEC617529)

7. Does CA provide a copy of Badboy, or a Badboy license to use with Cloud Monitor? (TEC617377)

8. Cloud Monitor On Premise Documentation and Downloads (TEC617387)

9. MOM and collectors are connected, but how come collectors do not appear in the CEM UI? (TEC617320)

10.Monitor fails with 401 Error when connecting monitor to Sharepoint site  (TEC617311)

11.Upgrading TIM software on MTP fails due to Incorrect Install package. (TEC617321)

12.Stopping the Autoprobe log from expanding or getting excessively large. (TEC617255)

13.Troubleshooting the .NET Agent when metrics do not appear in a production environment Workstation. (TEC617164)

14.EM fails to start due to class java.awt.Toolkit  (TEC617155)

15.Changing the heap size for Webstart workstation UI. (TEC617174)

16.How to monitor getMaxThreads metrics with Introscope Java Agent for Tomcat Server. (TEC617150)

17.Overview of APM Admin Philosophy  (TEC617154)

18.Not seeing the subscription names for monitored JMS queues. (TEC617005)

19.CA Cross-Enterprise Application Performance Management for Mainframe: JVMJZBL1011E JNI_CreateJavaVM error, rc = -1  (TEC617007) tool fails with "java.lang.NullPointerException."  (TEC617008)

21.Why are agents not placed into the appropriate domains? (TEC616934)

22.Java Agent Overhead when EJB EntityBeanTracing is enabled. (TEC616814)

23. How do I enable logging to capture APM SNMP Alert Actions? (TEC616738)

24.How to Manually Instrument Your Applications with ProbeBuilder (TEC616757)

25.Threads get stuck on "Transaction Structure Queue Execution" in WAS application monitor. (TEC616737)

26.What to do when Introscope Standalone Workstation Thick Client in Windows 7 won't launch. (TEC606482)

27.How to transfer ABA analysis server data to a later APM release.  (TEC616733)

28.Agent appears to cause Out of Memory (OOM) exception when instrumenting Websphere BPM  (TEC616589)

29.Which CA Application Performance Management (APM) release supports running the Enterprise Manager (EM) on Java version 1.7?


30.Defining Session Identifiers fails with "GenericJDBCException: Could not execute JDBC batch update" (TEC616523)

31.Tim post-install system check report gives warning.  (TEC616515)

32.Tim warnings about cannot open files. (TEC616518)

33.What to do to have a well-maintained APM environment (TEC616516)

34.Metric Table Overflow error in APM TG (WTG) Agent.  (TEC616517)

35.Getting "Exception starting method tracer actual trace for oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleCallableStatement.execute" error. (TEC616456)

36. The APM SOI Console (Using the APM Connector) does not show both the runningSoftware & ComputerSystem CIs for APM 8.x agent alerts.   (TEC616461)

37. Is there a CA APM SNMP MIB file for SNMP managers/listeners can use to interpret the alert trap messages? (TEC616385)

38. Why do I see "Unknown SQL" appearing in the Investigator?  (TEC616386)

39. Directive files reloaded multiple times during Java Virtual Machine (JVM) startup. (TEC616377)

40. Does TIM Software/MTP TIM support VLAN Tagging? (TEC616387)