CA Tuesday Tip: An update on the APM Troubleshooting guide

Discussion created by SergioMorales Employee on Oct 8, 2014
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Hi All,


This is an update of a last year posting of mine.  I have updated the Troubleshooting guide with additional information and common issues, see attachment.

Remember you also have CA Remote Engineer for APM to automate the gathering of diagnostic files CA APM Support needs to start working on your issue, please try to familiarize yourself with this useful tool.


Below a summary of what is covered in this document (from my prevoius posting):


I have compiled  troubleshooting information for some of the most common issues across all APM products (Introscope/CEM/Integrations) and included them into this single document.
This will allow you to approach those issues methodically and efficiently work with us to accelerate the resolution process.


This document is categorized by Product or feature and includes:

- Useful links to the main relevant documents and subsites you need quick access to ( Tech advisories, Product readme files, How to submit a Enhancement, Important Knowledge Document, etc)
- Important reminders per product, it covers how a particular feature/product works, its limitations and new features introduced in the latest releases.
- Common Problems, it includes a checklist of things you need to follow to resolve or isolate the problem
- What you need to collect for CA Support to get to work with your incident as quickly as possible in case the problem persists.


Once again this document only covers some of the most common problems reported in support so your situation might not be covered.
This is a live and evolving document and I will try and update it as required.


I hope you find it useful.