CA API Gateway 8.2.00 now released

Discussion created by fliaa01 Employee on Oct 8, 2014

Hello everyone, just a quick note to announce that the CA API Gateway version 8.2.00 (formerly the Layer7 SecureSpan Gateway) has been officially released. The release contains many new and exciting features, as well as enhancements to existing functionality.  Some of the highlights:

New REST-based management interface

  • Entity control via REST interface
  • Migration API
  • Dependency Analysis API

New productivity and usability enhancements in the Policy Manager

  • Multiple Tabs Support
  • Policy Line Debugger
  • Policy Diff Viewer
  • Policy Tracing for Encapsulated Assertions

  Enhanced and improved reverse web proxy functionality, and related features:

  • Publish Reverse Web Proxy Wizard, and support for Sharepoint
  • Enhanced Manage Header Assertion
  • New Manage Cookie Assertion
  • New Replace HTML Tag Content Assertion
  • Support for custom HTTP Methods

  JMS and Kerberos performance enhancements

  New hardware platform

We encourage you to visit the CA API Management Support Portal website at http://www.layer7tech.com/support for more information. Please review the release notes from the Customer Portal by searching for "CA API Gateway Release Notes v8.2" from the Content Search on the Downloads Tab. All files associated with this release have been tagged with 8.2 for quicker searches in the download section.