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CA SPS in front of WebLogic and WebSphere

Question asked by mjeanjacques on Oct 8, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2014 by Karmeng

I'm exploring the option of front ending WebLogic and WebSphere with the CA SPS, technically it is possible since the SPS is nothing more than Apache with the SM agent and tomcat acting as an HTTP forwarder to the back end applications. Based on the reseach that I've done so far, it seems like WebLogic and WebSphere recommends that the HTTP Plugin be installed on Apache, which is an HTTP module that runs on Apache to provide better performance and load distribution to the back end WebLogic or WebSphere app servers. In order to install the module, the .so file needs to be loaded in Apache which I'm not sure is supported in the CA SPS. My question is, have any of you had the experience of front ending WebLogic or WebSphere with the CA SPS without the HTTP plugin? I would really apprecaite your thoughts on this use-case. Thanks, Michael