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Process to unlock fields

Question asked by Endyno on Oct 9, 2014
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I created system process for locking fields with auto-start condition. Condition invoke process when I put flag into checkbox. So under project I have one sub-page with couple of fields. Process lock all attributes except checkbox. After refresh of page, all fields are locked (except my checkbox). This works OK.

But then I have another process to unlock these fields once checbox is unflagged. But here is a problem. When I unflag my checkbox and hit save, this change is not saved (checkbox still have flag after save) so process is not invoked. Checkbox is editable but change cannot be saved. So once process to lock attributes runs I cannot unlock them.

Don't you know what should "block" this attribte? Why I cannot save changes in it?

We have developed unlock job which is based on stored procedure, so I am able to unloch fields by this job. But I want to have 2 processes which I can use for locking and unlocking fields after condition is met.

create or replace PROCEDURE UNLOCKFIELD (
    P_ODF_PK            IN INTEGER
    DELETE FROM odf_locked_attributes WHERE attribute_code = P_ATTRIBUTE_CODE AND object_code = P_OBJECT_CODE AND odf_pk = P_ODF_PK;