CA Process Automation Office Hours Transcript for October 2014

Discussion created by MaryGreening on Oct 9, 2014

This is the chat transcript from the CA Process Automation Community Office Hours event on October 9, 2014.



Derek Cavour to Everyone:         Has anyone encountered issues with PAM getting stuck on an operator (just hangs when starting the operator)?

Hendry Taylor to Everyone:         @Derek, does it happen with various operators/processes or just one?

Derek Cavour to Everyone:         @Hendry, It is random

Hendry Taylor to Everyone:         @Derek, I have seen this before and it is normally for various reasons. Have you seen any messages in the PAM logs for that time that happened?

Derek Cavour to Everyone:         @Hendry, no - it just looks like it is trying to initiate the operator and just hangs before the pre-exec is even calculated.

Hendry Taylor to Everyone:         @Derek, I would suggest you open a support ticket and they can trouble shoot it with you.

Derek Cavour to Everyone:         @Hendry, Thank you




Melissa Joseph to Everyone:      Hello, we are new to using PAM (4.2.2) and are planning on rolling it out at the end of the year. From what I've been reading on the communities site, there is no way to tell who took a task. Is this still the case? We have a scenario where the task could go to 6-7 people at a time, and it would be helpful to see who took it..

Frederick Brandyburg to Everyone:           @Melissa While a task is active you can see the assignee in the Operations Tab in the Tasks section.  However, PAM does not keep a historical record or audit trail of tasks.

Melissa Joseph to Everyone:      @Frederick Thanks.. the task would be assigned to more than one person. So we will just have to educate people to ignore the task if it is in a "taken" status




Jonell Williams to Everyone:        We are new to Process automation. Can anyone tell us how you are using it.

Mary Greening - CA to Everyone:             @Jonell make sure you visit the communities. It is a great place to ask questions about PAM. Here is the link: Make sure you click follow when you get to the community page. Welcome to PAM!

Hendry Taylor to Everyone:         @Jonell, I have used PAM for many various activities from provisioning AIX LPARS to doing Ticket exchange between SDM and another helpdesk system.

Hendry Taylor to Everyone:         @Jonell, if you have specific ideas/questions you can always post them on the communities board

Jonell Williams to Everyone:        Thank you



Matthew McGovern to Everyone:           I have an Change order than includes an approval from an authorized individual.  I need that approval to either add a workflow task to the change order.  Is there an operator that is best suited to add workflow task.  Right now I can only update existing. 

Hendry Taylor to Everyone:         @Matthew you can use a standard SOAP operator and use SDM web services to do that

Matthew McGovern to Everyone:           @Hendry I have been looking through the CA documentation on on the communities site for creating the web services to add the workflow task but cannot find any.  Do you know anywhere else i can look for examples or guidance?

Hendry Taylor to Everyone:         @Matthew, look in the SDM Technical Reference. There is a chapter on Web services and it has a section on Workflow



Sergio Castro to Everyone:          Hi, I have a PAM 4.1 SP1 and I set the auto archive process on. For some reason (I have an issue opened and the CA Support has told me that this can happen) the processes are not being archived. Now I have more than 40000 processes ended (Completed, Aborted or Failed) and I presume that this is impacting my PAM performance. Am I right?

Hendry Taylor to Everyone:         @Sergio, yes it will have a negative impact on your performance. you can manually delete archived process from the configuration browser

Lokesh Mathur to Everyone:      @Sergio I would recommend you to upgrade to PAM 4.2 SP02, we've made major improvements in the archiver area in that release

Sergio Castro to Everyone:          @Hendry @Lokesh Thank you. The only way that I have to archive them manually is from the UI, correct?

Hendry Taylor to Everyone:         @Sergio, until you upgrade to 4.2.2 where the archiving is much better, yes

Sergio Castro to Everyone:          @Hendry Thank you.

Lokesh Mathur to Everyone:      @Sergio, also with PAM 4.2.2, even with large amount of archived data, the engine performance will not have any impact

Lokesh Mathur to Everyone:      @Hendry, with PAM 4.2 SP02, possibly those records would be moved appropriately as we do data migration during the upgrade process




Varun to Everyone:         @Varun : What is the release date of PAM 4.2.2 hot fix?

Jennifer Jessup to Everyone:      @Varun ETA is Mid October, no set date right now


Matthew McGovern to Everyone:           Is PAM 4.2.2 compatible with SDM 12.6?

Jennifer Jessup to Everyone:      @Matthew 4.2.2 is a point release and fully supprted with SDM which is currently shipping 4.2 SP01.



Sergio Castro to Everyone:          Sometimes my PAM gets very slow. When this happens I have some processes that get Queued or waiting but this processes should run immediately, if they do not run immediately I do not want that they runs. Is it possible to stop PAM process and delete those executions, for example at my DB?

Varun to Everyone:         @Sergio : Hey Sergio, what PAM version you are using. You should run the utility to delete unwanted data from recovery table. After that you would not face queued process issue

Lokesh Mathur to Everyone:      @Sergio For waiting processes, you could abort them and then archive and purge them, but not for queued processes

Lokesh Mathur to Everyone:      @ Sergio, but you need to find the root cause of why your PAM instance is going so slow

Sergio Castro to Everyone:          @Varun My PAM version is 4.1SP1 for now

Sergio Castro to Everyone:          @Lokesh the problem is that I need almost 5min to enter into the UI and another 5min to try abort the processes and when PAM try to abort this processes they already ended

Hendry Taylor to Everyone:         @Sergio, that sounds like you are running out of resources such as Memory or CPU

Hendry Taylor to Everyone:         @Sergio, also have you done any performance tuning on your PAM installation?

Sergio Castro to Everyone:          @Hendry no, this is the first thing that I looked into I have CPU and Memory free when this happens

Lokesh Mathur to Everyone:      @ Sergio, if this happens right after server startup, then this is problem with recovery. You should run the utility to cleanup as Varun mentioned

Sergio Castro to Everyone:          @Lokesh You are talking about the DB management, am I right?

Lokesh Mathur to Everyone:      @ Sergio, I'm not sure what you mean by DB management, but the root of the problem is that there are surplus records in the PAM recovery table, so PAM is busy doing recovery. With the cleanup utility, this should be mitigated

Sergio Castro to Everyone:          @Lokesh When I mean DB Management I want to mean delete all arch tables into PAM DB.

Sergio Castro to Everyone:          @Varun Can you tell me what is this utility?

Lokesh Mathur to Everyone:      @ Sergio, you could do that or run the cleanup utility

Sergio Castro to Everyone:          @Lokesh I do that every week. Can you tell me more about the cleanup utility?

Lokesh Mathur to Everyone:      @Sergio, you should run the cleanup utility and/or upgrade to PAM 4.2 SP02, so that you will have to not do it again

Sergio Castro to Everyone:          @Lokesh We have the migration planned. Thank you.




Matthew McGovern to Everyone:           Is it possible to attach a PAM process to a change order with a classic worflow template?

Frederick Brandyburg to Everyone:         @Matthew That's a good question.  Those of us on the call aren't sure of the answer but the broader community where there are more SDM users should be able to provide a definitive answer.  We will reach out and post a response on the community.

Matthew McGovern to Everyone:           Thank you



Derek Cavour to Everyone:         Does PAM 4.2.x support more than two cluster nodes?

Jennifer Jessup to Everyone:      @Derek Yes, we have tested with up to 4

Jennifer Jessup to Everyone:      @Derek we believe the JBoss upper limit is 8

Jennifer Jessup to Everyone:      @Derek we currently only support up to 4

Derek Cavour to Everyone:         @Jennifer, thank you


Hendry Taylor to Everyone:         Does anyone have any performance comparison data between PAM 3.1 and PAM 4.2.2?

Frederick Brandyburg to Everyone:         @Hendry, we didn't do any generic comparison testing.  Just targeted testing on Event Throughput, and Archiving and the baseline was 4.1, 4.2 not 3.1

Hendry Taylor to Everyone:         @Gordon, thank you

Frederick Brandyburg to Everyone:         @Hendry for general process throughput, 4.2.2 is slightly faster than 4.2.1.  4.2 was about 11% faster than 3.1



Derek Cavour to Everyone:         In PAM 4.2 is the upper limit on SQL queries still only 512 rows?

Jennifer Jessup to Everyone:      @Derek yes

Jennifer Jessup to Everyone:      @Derek this is provided as part of the JDBC operator set, but I would like to encourage you to open an Idea to have the operator provide a way to loop through and in essence page the results in. You can do this here

Jennifer Jessup to Everyone:

Derek Cavour to Everyone:         Thank you @Jennifer



Sergio Castro to Everyone:          Another question. Will be PAM a separate application into CA Support, or will still be a module of another application :). I ask this because my PAM performance issues do not mean any other application and I need to select Service Desk or Service Catalog to reference PAM and for me does not makes sense.

Jennifer Jessup to Everyone:      @Sergio currently if you have PAM because of your license with Service Desk, then when you need to open an issue for PAM you always go through the Service Desk area of Customer Support Online

Jennifer Jessup to Everyone:      @Sergio so technically, you have a license for Servcie Desk Manager. The technicians for Service Desk do colaberate with the PAM technicians as needed

Sergio Castro to Everyone:          @Jennifer we have various PAM Licenses, one of them for SDM but also single licenses for PAM, I do not know if it cause some confusion in our Profiles. But this is not critical, is just a tip

Jennifer Jessup to Everyone:      @Sergio interesting, they may be under different siteIDs. So your SDM is under one, but the standalone PAM is under another

Jennifer Jessup to Everyone:      @Sergio you should discuss this with your account manager



Mary Greening - CA to Everyone:             Hello Everyone: We have a couple more minutes and then we will be closing Office Hours.  If you have any further questions please ask them now. Thank you for joining!

Mary Greening - CA to Everyone:             We will be posting a transcript of this chat in the community witin the next 24 hours.  Make sure you click Follow on the community page so that you receive updates about future community activities.



Derek Cavour to Everyone:         A managed audio call would be preferred.

Derek Cavour to Everyone:         This is helpful in any case

Mary Greening - CA to Everyone:             @Derek, with a call we don't have a transcript. We DO have webcasts also with audio.  That is a great time to ask audio questions.

Derek Cavour to Everyone:         Understood, thanks @Mary