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Can we make Cost Types WIP Adjustments?

Question asked by Kathryn_Ellis Employee on Oct 9, 2014

YES !!!


If an actual transaction was posted into WIP with an incorrect Cost Type (Operating or Capital), it can be corrected by using the following steps:


Studio Configuration:

Configure the 'Cost Type' field on the Task Object for the general properties subpage. 

This will allow the Project Manager to set a Cost Type value on selected Tasks that is different than the Project-level Cost Type.

When Transactions are posted or adjusted, if there is a Cost Type value on the task , it will use that value instead of the project-level value.


Changing the Cost Type on the Task:

  1. Login to PPM as a user that has the access rights that allows you to change the Cost Type on a Project Task
  2. Locate the task associated with the actual transaction and change the Cost Type


Making a WIP Adjustment:

  1. Go to 'Create WIP Adjustment' list page ; locating the specific transaction
  2. Open the transaction and click 'Save' button -- NO need to make any changes to the transaction
  3. The transaction will show up on the 'Approve WIP Adjustment' listing
  4. Approve the Adjustment (Now the transaction will have the correct Cost Type associated)
  5. You can see the 'adjusted' Cost Type value on the 'Posted Transaction Review' portlet