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Custom Operator Of ServiceDesk using Soap Method

Question asked by V.Venkat on Oct 15, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2014 by V.Venkat

Hello All,


Created a custom operator with two array variable one is for to collect all the attribute names of object and second array is to collect the corresponding values of the attributes.


The problem here is when i am using/referencing  the array variable in soap XML method call , Operator is failed to execute.


case 1 : using full array variable names as





error message :


soapenv:ClientError setting attr 'CustomOperator.M_updateFields__[0].M_vars__' on object 'nr:8D85282F02C72F4B9AF58A2BA758151F' to value 'CustomOperator.M__updateValues__[0].M_vals__' AHD03066:Unknown name CustomOperatorError setting attr 'CustomOperator.M_updateFields__[0].M_vars__' on object 'nr:8D85282F02C72F4B9AF58A2BA758151F' to value 'CustomOperator.M__updateValues__[0].M_vals__' AHD03066:Unknown name CustomOperator1003


case 2 : using array variable as





Operator failed , same error message like above.


One questions that i have


1.     Can we use array variable in Custom soap operator? if Yes how can we pass or reference the array variables in soap call?