Updating the job definition of a job that is currently in STARTING status

Discussion created by panro05 Employee on Oct 15, 2014

When performing a update_job on a job that is STARTING status you receive this message:


CAUAJM_I_50323 Inserting/Updating job: JobA
CAUAJM_E_19001 Job "JobA" is still in STARTING status.
Please try again later.
CAUAJM_E_10302 Database Change WAS NOT successful.




You ask, shouldn't I be able to update a job in STARTING status?


The simple explanation is this:

"A job update can modify any attribute of a job including machine, update_conditions, depedency conditions etc. When a job is in STARTING state already, it is in the state of evaluating the dependency, obtaining the best machine etc. If user updates the above attribute in that state, it can lead to in inaccurate dependency validation or inaccurate machine evaluation based on the timing of job update. A job can be updated any time before it's the Scheduled pick up of the STARTJOB (for time based job) or any time before the completion of predecessor jobs."