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Problem with RabbitMQ agent Nodes plugin and Queues plugin

Question asked by Sam on Oct 15, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2015 by Hiko_Davis

I'm using the RabbitMQ EPAgent plugins by Hiko_Davis (I think you wrote them, sorry if I'm wrong) and most of it's working, not the Nodes plugin.  When I run it directly from the command line I get this:


[myusr@myhost RabbitMQ]$ perl epaplugins/RabbitMQ/ --host=localhost --port=15672 --user=********--pswd=********

Unknown option: user

Unknown option: pswd

usage: epaplugins/RabbitMQ/ [--host=HOST] [--port=PORT] [--user=USERNAME] [--pswd=PASSWORD] [--help|-?]


which makes no sense to me@.  Is this working for anyone, or is it a bug in the script?


Also, I noticed when running the Queues plugin that I get a few lines that look like errors:


<metric type="StringEvent" name="RabbitMQ|Queues|CF_TO_OBA_EVENTS:vhost" value="/" />

Argument "False" isn't numeric in int at epaplugins/RabbitMQ/ line 122.

<metric type="LongCounter" name="RabbitMQ|Queues|CF_TO_OBA_EVENTS:active_consumers" value="0" />

<metric type="StringEvent" name="RabbitMQ|Queues|CF_TO_OBA_EVENTS:auto_delete" value="0" />

Argument "True" isn't numeric in int at epaplugins/RabbitMQ/ line 134.

<metric type="LongCounter" name="RabbitMQ|Queues|CF_TO_OBA_EVENTS:consumers" value="0" />

<metric type="StringEvent" name="RabbitMQ|Queues|CF_TO_OBA_EVENTS:durable" value="Unknown" />

<metric type="StringEvent" name="RabbitMQ|Queues|CF_TO_OBA_EVENTS:exclusive_consumer_tag" value="2014-10-15 12:04:54" />

<metric type="StringEvent" name="RabbitMQ|Queues|CF_TO_OBA_EVENTS:idle_since" value="21640" />

<metric type="LongCounter" name="RabbitMQ|Queues|CF_TO_OBA_EVENTS:memory (KB)" value="0" />

<metric type="LongCounter" name="RabbitMQ|Queues|CF_TO_OBA_EVENTS:messages" value="0" />

<metric type="LongCounter" name="RabbitMQ|Queues|CF_TO_OBA_EVENTS:messages_ready" value="0" />

Argument "rabbit@brsuxtsnmq31" isn't numeric in int at epaplugins/RabbitMQ/ line 176.

<metric type="LongCounter" name="RabbitMQ|Queues|CF_TO_OBA_EVENTS:messages_unacknowledged" value="0" />

<metric type="StringEvent" name="RabbitMQ|Queues|CF_TO_OBA_EVENTS:node" value="Unknown" />

<metric type="StringEvent" name="RabbitMQ|Queues|CF_TO_OBA_EVENTS:policy" value="running" />


Third and final question: the Bindings plugin lists a few items as "unknown" (eg "Unknown > OBA_SEMAPHORES:vhost".  I assume this is something to do with how our RabbitMQ admins have set it up, but I don't know what to tell them they need to do.  Can anyone tell me how the name is set for these items?