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CA Single Sign On with IIS 7 Web Agent

Question asked by khwaja.zia on Oct 16, 2014
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I am new to CA Single Sign On and have just installed the Policy Server on a testing machine.


I have a Web page on IIS 7 which accesses the user credentials from MySQL database.


I followed the steps to configure the web agent on IIS, but still the website is using its own window to enter the credentials. I think the Agent is not getting activated to intercept the user request. Can you please let me know of any missing steps. I followed the steps as mentioned on the knowledge base article "


Scenario: Install and Configure a SiteMinder Agent for IIS on Windows - Part 1 and Part 2




I feel that I am missing out some steps, can you please help me in this regard.


Secondly I am also a bit confused that my website uses MySQL for user credentials, and I haven't provided any details of MySQL in the user directory. Do I need to configure something for that as well?


Thanking You