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Need help concatenating email addresses returned in an array

Question asked by CyanX on Oct 17, 2014
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I am creating a process that needs to obtain the email address of the IS Coordinator for an end users’ cost center ( from Novell eDirectory.This is the process flow:

  1. Using Select Object, I am retrieving a list of attributes from SDM, one of them being the end users’ cost center (
  2. Using Get Object, I am then retrieving the usernames of the IS Coordinators associated to that same cost center from Novell eDirectory, and storing then in “Process.Opids”.
  3. Using Get User, I then use the Opids to find the associated email address in Novell eDirectory, and store them in “Process.ISCEmail”.


Then I am using JavaScript to try to concatenate the email addresses, so I can in put them in the Send Email operator. Here is the code I’m using:


Process.ISCEmail = Process.Get_User_1.UserAccounts


//Define variable as an empty string

var email =  '';


//Loop through multiple email addresses

for (i = 0; i < Process.ISCEmail.length; i++) {


  //Add email addresses to string

  email += Process.ISCEmail.length[i];


  // Add colon separator,  Process.ISCEmail.length - 1 makes sure it doesn't add

  // the colon at the very end of the string


  if (i < ( Process.ISCEmail.length - 1)) {

                email += ";";




Process.Email = email;

The process is failing, as Process.Email is coming back as “undefined;undefined”. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. but I can’t determine where the code is wrong. Please assist. I have attached the process for reference, if needed. Thanks in advance.