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WADL/JSON virtualization-LISA response correction required.

Question asked by shade16 on Oct 20, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2014 by kelia01

We are working on a solution to generate VS from a WADL instead of WSDL and while playing back the response (which is in JSON format) some extra chars like ‘\’ or  ‘/’ or ‘:’  get appended in the data values.

For example:  instead of T6S  we get to see ":"\.\T6\S"

We want to  avoid using a script with some java regex to remove the unwanted chars from data here…


Any idea to ensure LISA responses are correct and in-line with the XSD grammar used behind to frame WADL operations’ structure???


The Solution follows steps: 1. First, Converting the WADL to WSDL (this is accomplised outside the LISA).

                                                    2. Java utility to analyze , parse WSDL and create RR pair files for each operation and then follow the LISA wizard steps to virtualize.