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Link to initiated process flow on a project?

Question asked by MatthewPalicki on Oct 21, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2014 by MatthewPalicki

Is it possible on a Project-based portlet to create a link that would take you directly to the process flow diagram of an initiated instance on that project? I did find that it will appear to let me create a link on the Project Object to a "Process Flow Layout", but I have no idea how it would know what object ID to grab as there could be any number of different processes which could be running at that time.


This is a request from several of our end users - and it actually has some merit. I just can't think of a way we could accomodate it. We have many processes such as for Idea or Project approvals, Stage-Gate processes, etc, and people would be able to look at the list of projects and with a single click open the diagram so that they can see where in the current workflow that particular investment is.


I know you can get there in a roundabout way, through the Admin studio and initiated processes. But this is primarily for end users who do not have admin access. They can see it if they have an action item assigned to them, or they can drill down into the specific project and the processes tab, but that takes a lot of clicks (as is the norm for Clarity). Looking for a shortcut.