Internet Explorer and compatible bit versions for BSI Active X Controls

Discussion created by LesterSenk Employee on Oct 23, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2014 by NPita0

BSI uses 32 bit Active X controls in various parts of the application.  (Time Slots, Adapter Wizard, ect...)


The BSI 32 bit Active X controls will not install in a 64 bit Internet Explorer browser hence leading to the inability to run the Adapter Wizard and other functionality that incorporates usage of the Active X controls.


64 bit Versions of Internet Explorer prior to version 10 and up are not compatible with BSI because they do not allow installation of our 32 bit Active X controls.


Since Internet Explorer 10, 64 bit IE can run using 32 bit tabs.  This allows us to install our 32 bit Active X controls; thus, as of IE 10 and higher we are compatible with 64 bit IE.