How to Develop Your Own Studio Content Packages

Discussion created by John_George Employee on Oct 24, 2014
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Did you know that with Release 14.1, your organization can use Studio content packages to deploy multiple versions of content between development, test, and production environments? Content packages help you collect, export, distribute, and import custom CA PPM 14.1 content to internal teams or external third parties. After you develop and assemble specific content items in a content package, you can deliver the content package and achieve the following goals:


  • Developers can import the package as a content package and continue development.
  • Administrators can import the package as a content add-in for their environments and then users can use the content.


For example, you can develop a series of pages, portlets, and queries at one site and can continue development in another environment at another site. You can even include resources and roles in your packages. You can also declare the content to be final and offer such pages, portlets, and queries to internal users or external customers. Add or modify content and use versions to track multiple builds of your content packages.


Learn more about studio content packages by reading today's featured article on the CA Clarity PPM Cookbook contributed by Damon Logiudice, Senior Information Services Engineer at CA Technologies.