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Autoschedule option - Best Practices

Question asked by FloGoya on Oct 24, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2014 by urmas

Hello folks,



I would like to share with you our experience with autoschedule since we are not quite sure if we are following the proper steps.



We create a project with a team (roles o resources, in this example it makes no difference), then we create the tasks. Next step is to assign the resources/roles to the tasks and we then execute the autoschedule option fro gantt chart.

After executing autoschedule, we then select the 'Allocate from Estimates' option from Team tab, so we don't have our team allocated at a 100% to the project.



But, what happens if the Project Manager needs to execute the autoschedule option once again after some time? Because what we've observed is that when allocating from estimates it seems that Clarity creates segments with the allocation with the tasks dates and the ETC and assignes a percentaje of hours during that period of time. So, when the project manager needs to update a task and then needs to execute autoschedule again and the resource did not have a percentaje available as a result of the first time the pm run the autoscedule then Clarity sets the task to be completed some time in a very far future.



So, our questions are as follow:

- Is it incorrect to use 'allocate from estimates' option?

- Or maybe is it necessary to allocate at a 100% resources before executing autoschedule for a second time? (since autoschedule does not plan the tasks properly when basing new ETC on a previous autoschedule result settings)