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CA Shared Account Manager features support

Question asked by khwaja.zia on Oct 29, 2014
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I am working on CA Shared Account Manager, but am doubtful on a few features. I just want to confirm that whether these features are available in CA Shared Account Manager or will they be added on the newer versions:


  • I want to confirm that if there is a normal user and accesses the CA SAM portal for let's say Linux putty access. He is able to see all the Servers and privileged users on his screen. Can we restrict this thing. I mean he is able to see all the Windows Server's, network devices and linux machines. I just want a group of users to see a set of machines for which they can request access for. Is this possible to configure. If yes then please provide me a link from where I can configure these restrictions.
  • My second question is that for many organizations we have multiple layers of approvals. Can we implement multiple approvers, chained approvals and lets say a group for approving the requests.