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Installing the CA_Clarity_Universes_Oracle.BIAR

Question asked by gcubed Champion on Oct 30, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2014 by gcubed

I am working in a completely Linux environment and I need to install the BIAR.  The installation guide points to using a windows import wizard but in my environment there are no windows systems and no network access to any.


I have been successful in importing it via a Linux command (java –j biarengine.jar).  Once this done, I am able to see reports via the Clarity UI but in doing the import it changes the CMC administrator password and I am no longer able to gain access to CMC.


I created an backup administrator account thinking that I would just login to it after the import and reset the administrator password but the import remove that account from the administrator group (guess here).


So my questions?


  1. Does anyone know what the administrator account password is that comes in with  CA_Clarity_Universes_Oracle.BIAR?
  2. Does anyone know how to manually setup the BO without using the CA_Clarity_Universes_Oracle.BIAR? (only use Crystal Reports / shouldn’t be hard – guessing)?
  3. I have seen posting on how to reset the administrator password but in my environment, I am unable to find a command tool to run the suggested SQL statement (no GUI in this environment).  Will resetting administrator password via this type of method cause any downstream issues with Clarity?