Project - Modify Baseline right changed between v12 and v13

Discussion created by Dale_Stockman Champion on Oct 30, 2014

Just an FYI:


Had an instance this past week of a user with "Project - Modify Baseline" rights editing the a project's management fields.  We are on version 13.1 and the right had been assigned to a Group in v12 or earlier edition.


Looking through administration pdf files, discovered that the 'allows user to create/modify project baselines and view project's management properties' in v12 had changed to  'allows user to create/modify project baselines and edit project's management properties' in v13.

CA Clarity Project & Portfolio Manager Administration Guide - Adobe Reader_2014-10-30_17-16-53.jpg


Access Rights Reference Guide Release 13.1.jpg


Not sure that this is a good change.  Would prefer to have "modify baseline" and "edit management" remain as separate rights - the resource reviewing projects and performing baseline creation/modification should not necessarily be able to edit a project's management fields.


Decided to create an Idea for this:  Remove "edit management" from "modify baseline" right


Please, vote it up!