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Virtual field Links in Custom built Portlets

Question asked by stephen_floyd on Oct 31, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2014 by Rnitram


Was wondering if someone could answer me this why when I create a virtual field on a custom built portlet it doesn't redirect me to the page that I want it to go to. Example. I have a link built in the NSQL that points to the Status report page on the Project Properties page. When I create the virtual field on portlet and link it to the Status report link I created on the NSQL linking tab then add it as a Column I get System Error when I click on the icon. It can't be access Rights because as Administrator I have full rights to the Project Object including status report subpage.


When I click on an OOTB portlet that has the same link it works fine. I even mirrored the Link settings from that NSQL query linking tab to my custom portlet, but I still get the System Error message.


After looking at the NSQL query code of the OOTB Portlet there is no reference to the Status Report page. It's a virtual field just like the one I created on my custom portlet.


Am I missing something, doing something wrong ? I am on version 13.3