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Executing GRLoader from a remote system

Question asked by chandarvr on Nov 3, 2014
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  I am trying to execute GRLoader remotely ,But i am getting the following error


11:56:51.578 CI and Relationship Loader for CA Service Desk Manager R12.9.000

nested exception is: Connection timed out

Unable to signon.

11:57:55.131 GRLoader ended


With the same credentials locally[from the server where ServiceDesk is running] its executing and updating the CI's.


Will this be a firewall problem,If its a firewall issue which ports all needs to be opened ?


The syntax i am using is


java -Xmx512M -cp <path>/java/lib -jar <path>/java/lib/GRLoader.jar -N <rootpath> -u <uname> -p <pwd>  -s http://<ip> -E -n -a -i <xmlfile>