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Reassigning OBS security via XOG

Question asked by Rob-BBT on Nov 3, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2014 by navzjoshi00

I have a process that builds out a resource management OBS and then XOG's it in.


Part of the OBS assigns OBS level security to managers like this:



                  <unit code="B66486" name="B66486 -DOE, JOHN">

                    <associatedObject objectCode="A71847" objectType="resource" />

                    <associatedObject objectCode="A71960" objectType="resource" />

                    <associatedObject objectCode="A71976" objectType="resource" />

                    <associatedObject objectCode="A72170" objectType="resource" />

                    <associatedObject objectCode="A72200" objectType="resource" />

                    <associatedObject objectCode="B80116" objectType="resource" />

                    <associatedObject objectCode="B83727" objectType="resource" />

                    <associatedObject objectCode="C48939" objectType="resource" />


                      <UserSecurity rightCode="ResourceApproveTime" rightMode="OBS_UNIT_AND_CHILDREN" userName="B66486" />

                      <UserSecurity rightCode="ResourceEditCalendar" rightMode="OBS_UNIT_AND_CHILDREN" userName="B66486" />

                      <UserSecurity rightCode="ResourceHardBook" rightMode="OBS_UNIT_AND_CHILDREN" userName="B66486" />

                      <UserSecurity rightCode="ResourceEnterTime" rightMode="OBS_UNIT_AND_CHILDREN" userName="B66486" />





And this generally works.  The user JOHN DOE gets OBS unit and descendant rights to the B66486 - DOE, JOHN node.


Now, we want to add a right so that the user can have full edit rights over the resource.  So, I added the following node to the Security section:


          <UserSecurity rightCode="ResourceEditFull" rightMode="OBS_UNIT_AND_CHILDREN" userName="B66486" />

But when I re--run the XOG, the Resource Edit right does NOT get applied to the resource.


Now, I do have the complete="true" option set in the obs element:


  <obs description="Resource Manager OBS" code="BBT_RESMGR_OBS" name="Resource Management" isSecurity="true" complete="true">


When I run it, the XOG stats show that 317 resources were updated with 0 failures, but the processing time is way too fast - like 1 second, whereas if the OBS has to be built from scratch, it takes about 4 minutes.


So what else am I missing here?


I'd like the OBS structure to be completely rebuilt so that it catches all of the changes when it runs.