Help with Javascript to Dynamic Fields

Discussion created by diegolimahif on Nov 4, 2014
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Hey guys!


We are using SDM r12.7!


My client needs to discriminate on the request form the number of services being requested, for it i created an attribute called "quantity service", this attribute will be filled to enable a tab with fields for description of each service.


I tried this using the properties of the category, but the solution was not accepted.


I researched for some javascripts to perform the activity, i found one and created a new tab form with this javscript and a button to add the field.


Can tell what I'm doing wrong?


Thank you so much!


The detail_in is attach to this topic


The Javascript:


function addFields(){

if ("$prop.form_name_3" == "edit")

  var number = document.getElementById("member").value;

  var container = document.getElementById("container");

  while (container.hasChildNodes()) {



  for (i=0;i<number;i++){

  container.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Serviço " + (i+1)));

  var input = document.createElement("input");

  input.type = "text";