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Partnership Federation - Remote Entity Id

Question asked by syedubati.1 on Nov 4, 2014
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We are setting up a multiple partnerships (SP initiated to IDP), but our IDP is going to be same for all the SP's initiated to IDP at our environment.

Trying to use the existing IDP for the new Partnerships and got an error. Our IDP, cannot provide a new Entity ID for each new application in our environment due to a lot of maintenance or dependency with other customer applications using the same IDP.


Cannot activate 2 partnerships with the same Remote Entity ID! Please deactivate the other partnership first.


Is there any work around to overcome this issue to re-use the same IDP with Remote Entity ID for all the Partnerships from SP initiated to IDP?


Please advise or suggest on this scenario.


Version Details SP:

SiteMinder 12.52 SP1  -- Service Provider

Third party product - Identity Provider