Enforcement of pwd with special chracters and multiple pwd mgmt sources

Discussion created by maham03 Employee on Nov 5, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2014 by Chris_Hackett

Following is the brief description of the use case and question. Customer wants CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) to enforce password policy which will compel the users to set a password with special characters for SDM access. This discussion is going on for a while now with no solution from SDM side. However, it was communicated to them earlier that this can be achieved if SDM is integrated with Active Directory (AD) as AD can enforce the required password policy. This could not get accomplished at Customer so far as there was no AD. Customer has recently implemented AD and can now have this integration done. However, still there are some users who are not on AD and the users of Customer's foreign offices are also not on AD. The user count of such non AD users will be to the tune of 2k-3k. Since there is a sizable count of non AD users, Customer wants to know how the special character password policy can be enforced for these users too. Customer is ok to introduce another layer of a solution, it can be something like CA Identity Manager or a customized application, which can enforce the required password policy for non AD users. Is it possible to have such a solution ? “Will CA SDM accept users whose passwords are managed/authenticated by two different tools i.e. AD and CA IDM/custom application?”

Could you please help to confirm if this can happen and if not any workaround to achieve above requirement?

Many thanks.