[PROCESSES]  Conditions with attributes whose values are set during the process

Discussion created by fglarkin Employee on Nov 5, 2014

I'm working with Clarity 13.3 on Oracle in an On-Demand system.


I have previously configured processes that use a "Current Date" attribute in a Post-Condition to compare with another Date attribute, to determine when the next step should be executed. The "Current Date" attribute is a calculated-date attribute that evaluates the function Now() - effectively returning the sysdate. This has worked in those processes as the comparison Date field has its value set by the user when an instance is created. However, I have found that this doesn't work when the process itself runs a gel script that sets a value in a comparison Date field. The only way I can get the Condition to work is to have another process run first and set the value, then start the process with the Condition. It appears that the process doesn't read the new value after it starts. In practice, this means that I have to configure the Create layout without the attributes I put in the Start Condition so the user is forced to create the instance first, then edit it to provide the data that kicks off the processes.


Has anyone else encountered this situation? If so, how did you resolve it, other than what I have described above?




Fred Larkin

Clarity Functional Consultant