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Delete all ETC in all tasks in order

Question asked by matej256 on Nov 6, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2014 by matej256

Hi all,


I'd like to ask a question. From our business I've received a request for deletion all ETC(on task level) in order.

It's the biggest order we have and there are cca 9500 resources assigned on tasks so manual deletion would have take a long time....


I've find out a query for which ETCs are shown ordered by task:


Select pras.prid, Pr.Prname "Resource", Inv.Name "Project_name",

Prt.Prname "Task_name", Round((Pras.Prestsum/28800),2)Etc


From prresource pr

Inner Join Prassignment Pras On pr.prid = pras.prresourceid

Inner Join Prtask Prt On Pras.Prtaskid = Prt.Prid

Inner Join Prteam Team On Pras.Team_Id = Team.Prid

Inner Join Inv_Investments Inv On Inv.Id = Team.Prprojectid



Inv.Name Like 'Non-charge%'

Group By pras.prid, Pr.Prname, Inv.Name, Prt.Prname, Round((Pras.Prestsum/28800),2)

order by prt.prname


Results by SQL:



Results in Clarity:



I've tried to update one record (resource "Abdelkhalek, Dalia") as you could see - it's 0 value

and I was succesfull. My question is if this is enough to do and quite safe on Clarity level.

It means if e.g. table prj_blb_slices don't influence this deletion or somehow other tables.



Thanks a lot for your inputs!