Binary encryption (Scriptable Data Protocol)

Discussion created by mazmal on Nov 6, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2014 by Chris Stallone

I am trying to convert binary using Scriptable Data Protocol following method but still getting garbage. I have checked its IBM933 to windows-1252 ....but cannot see transaction. but if I copy raw and put in any tool for decrypt it gives IBM933 to decrypot. not sure if i musing here wrong syntex.....your help will be aappreciated


import com.itko.util.ParameterList;



//String convert = new String(lisa_vse_request.getBodyText().getBytes("IBM037"));

String convert = new String(lisa_vse_request.getBodyAsByteArray("IBM037"));




ParameterList args = lisa_vse_request.getArguments();


args.addParameters("cor2=" + convert.substring(49,64)); // 14 digit 20141027123107



// print this output Correletion

System.out.println("cor1output" + convert.substring(49,64)); // 14 digit 20141027123107