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CA Single Sign On Web Agent Intercepts request but the WebPage also asks for credentials

Question asked by khwaja.zia on Nov 7, 2014
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I have integrated a Web Site with CA Single Sign On. After integrating it, when we enter the url, it prompts for the credentials as it should in the web agent pop up window, but when I provide the correct credentials, it brings the actual page of the web site on which I have to again type the user credentials.


For elaboration lets say I have a website named and when a user logs in, he gets the page

Since directly asks for credentials, so I have used "/" as the resource filter in my realm and effective resource is selected to be "*".


I was expecting that after interception, when the user provides the credentials, the url should become in which user is seen already logged in, but in actual it doesn't redirect. After providing the credentials it allows to access the and the user has to provide his credentials again.


I think I am missing out something over here.


Can you please help me in this regard.


Thanking You