Stumped replacing timesheet via XOG

Discussion created by jhuddle61 on Nov 7, 2014
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I got past the requirement that the version in my XOG XML has to match the current version of the timesheet in Clarity but...


no matter which account I test with I consistently get this error message.


XOG-2022: The timesheet you are uploading has time logged against the task  under project PRJ1921 ((5020823))


The timesheet in Clarity is bare (not populated with any tasks and no time entries).


So I am confused as to why it is saying there is time logged against a task when there clearly is not.


Here is the XOG XML we are using:


Many of the values are hardcoded. Taking baby steps until we figure out how to get the timesheet XOGing to work.


We replace the @timesheetid with the timesheet id we query out of Clarity via XOG as a precursor to calling our save method.

We also replace the @periodFinish and @periodStart with the period start and end dates that correspond with the actualDate range.

We have confirmed that the version in the XML matches the version currently in Clarity.



And here is a screenshot showing nothing on the timesheet:



Has anyone every encountered this when XOGing timesheet info to Clarity?

What is the value following the project name in the error message? I thought it was the task name but perhaps it is the internal project id in Clarity?


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.