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Update Variable after creation.

Question asked by MattyIce on Nov 10, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2015 by MattyIce

I have created change order approval process that is setup to send a workflow task to an authorized user.  When the change order is created the description of the change is saved into a variable called Process.CHGDesc.  That information is sent in an IRF for the authorized users to review and approve or deny.


We have seen some situations where by the time the authorized user gets to review the task, the original change order descrition has been updated.  In some cases adding new items for approval without the knowledge of the authorized individual.


Since the operator that created the Process.CHGDesc has already completed the original description is all that shows for approval.


Is there a way to update the Process.CHGDesc variable whenever the change order description field is edited.  Or is there a way to flag the task (in the pending task list) alerting the authorized person that the change order was edited since creation?