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ObsHtmlPortlet - Is there a for Dummies or for Complete Idiots version available?

Question asked by urmas on Nov 11, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2014 by urmas

Is there a for Dummies or for Complete Idiots version  of the ObsHtmlPortlet available?


I tried to get that on r8.1 using MS SQL .

Modified the query so that it displays OK in a grid portlet and followed the instructions.

Does no display anything, not even the top node.

The stand alone does not display anything either.

At some point managed to get the top node.


Then tried to do that on v13.3 using Oracle.

Nothing to it displays OK after the first attempt.


Has the html coding or environment changed from r8.1 to v13 so that the script does not work in r8.1?

Is there more to the query than to get it display OK in a grid portlet?


That graphic were so nice, I am so tired trying to located random units whose level nor parents I do not know.